You take a deep breath. You’ve been working up the courage to go inside.

You know in your heart that no one inside is going to hurt you, but that doesn’t take away your anxiety …

You might be feeling this way about visiting one of the many “haunted” attractions that are open this time of year. Or you might be preparing to return to the dentist for the first time in years.

If receiving dental care is difficult for you, then you should go somewhere that people respect your concerns and make your comfort a priority. If you live in or near Stone Mountain, GA, you can visit us. Call 770-766-8995 to learn more about our approach to patient care at Blankenship Family Dentistry.

Get To Know Us While We Get To Know You

You may not realize it, but surveys have shown that most people experience dental anxiety to one degree or another. Whether you or someone you love has mild, moderate, or severe anxiety, we feel confident that we can help you. Why do we believe this? It’s because we’ve helped many patients learn to manage and even overcome their fearfulness about going to the dentist.

The most important factor in helping patients are the people at our office. Our team of dental professionals has decades of experience taking care of patients and putting them at ease.

Please let us know if you have anxiety and if there are any particular things we should know about your anxiety. Did you have a bad experience when you were younger? Are you worried that your dental treatment could be painful? Do you have a concern about a specific piece of equipment?

By getting to know you, we can provide personal care so you feel more at ease during your visit. Our comfort amenities can help with that as well. Many patients enjoy the cozy feeling of a warm blanket, and you are more than welcome to bring music and headphones to your appointment. This can provide a welcome distraction while we work to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

You also can schedule longer appointments, too. This way you can take a break when you want without feeling rushed through your cleaning or other care.

Try Sedation For Relaxation

Patients with moderate to severe anxiety may want more than a cozy blanket and some tunes to get through a dental cleaning. Oral sedation is an effective option.

You take a pill prior to your appointment. After it takes effect, you can feel calm and relaxed. You don’t feel pain and you don’t gag.

You should be aware that the effects of this form of sedation can last for a few hours. As a result, you should arrange for someone else to bring you to and from our office if you choose this option.

Take It Easy

Dental anxiety is not something that will just go away in one visit. Instead, you can feel a little more comfortable with each appointment. As you learn more about our team at Blankenship Family Dentistry, we think you will be happy you visited our Stone Mountain, GA dentist office.

To contact us, fill out our online form or call 770-766-8995.