Recognize The Signs Of Gum Disease (infographic)

This is Gum Disease Awareness Month. Below we are sharing some common symptoms of periodontal infections as well as a reminder of what healthy gums should look like. We can and do offer non-surgical gum disease treatments at Blankenship Family Dentistry, but we would prefer to help you prevent ...

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Why the Kind of Water You Drink Matters

To keep your mouth healthy and avoid oral health problems, you should pay close attention to what you drink every day. Soft drinks and juices are known to harm your teeth. Instead of sugary, acidic beverages, it is always better to reach for water. But have you given much thought to the kind of ...

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Fall In Love With Our Family Dentist Office (video)

When most people talk about love at first sight, they aren’t talking about their family dentist. Yet, that is how Lisa described her first visit to Blankenship Family Dentistry. And that first appointment has developed into a relationship that’s lasted for decades. Would you like to visit a ...

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Two Ways To Take Care Of Tooth Decay (infographic)

Did you know that more than 90 percent of people will develop at least one cavity during their lives? If you are in the majority, then you will need to treat tooth decay at one time or another. When you do, our team at Blankenship Family Dentistry has two great options to restore your smile and ...

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I Have A Toothache! Now What?

There are few things as nagging and uncomfortable as a toothache. Whether your pain is sharp and stabbing or dull and throbbing, a constant toothache can make everyday tasks seem far more difficult. In addition to being uncomfortable, a persistent toothache is often a sign of a more serious ...

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Resolve To Visit Our General Dentists in 2020 (video)

In 2020, resolve to make your oral health a priority. To meet that resolution, brush twice daily, floss every day, and visit our Stone Mountain, GA general dentist office a few times for professional cleanings and exams. In the video below, Dr. Jordan Blankenship-Sniker discusses why she ...

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Take Care of Your Smile This Holiday Season [Infographic]

From all of us here at Blankenship Family Dentistry, we want to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season! With this season of joy and merriment comes quite a bit of threat for your healthy smile. Sticky, sugary, and stain-causing foods are abundant. We’d never tell you to avoid your ...

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Could Dental Implants Help You? (quiz)

Being able to eat anything you want is a gift that many people don’t appreciate until they have lost teeth. Getting dentures can help, but it’s not like having healthy teeth again. Fortunately, you have teeth replacement options that can restore your smile and your biting power. They start ...

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Take A Clear Path To Straight Teeth (video)

Invisalign aligners have helped millions of people straighten their smiles. By giving you a discreet way to reposition your teeth, you could create the smile of your dreams without brackets or wires. Our own Dr. Jeffrey Blankenship discusses this orthodontic service in the video below. Take a ...

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Floss To Stay Ahead Of Gum Disease

We like to see our patients smile, and we’ve noticed that patients are much more likely to share their smiles when they have a full set of teeth. You may or may not know that periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. We do offer both non-surgical gum disease ...

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