Become A Dental Anxiety Success Story (video)

When you come to the dentist, our team wants you to feel like you are talking to a friend. Patient comfort is one of our top priorities at Blankenship Family Dentistry. We believe this is why we have been so successful at helping patients who have dental anxiety. Take a moment to watch the video ...

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Change Your Yellow Smile With Teeth Whitening (infographic)

It's that time of year when the leaves are changing colors. This can make for beautiful scenery. While yellow leaves can look great in photos, yellow teeth can cause you to feel self-conscious about your smile. You can do something about that, however. You can get professional teeth whitening at ...

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Find Support To Face Your Dental Anxiety

You take a deep breath. You've been working up the courage to go inside. You know in your heart that no one inside is going to hurt you, but that doesn't take away your anxiety ... You might be feeling this way about visiting one of the many "haunted" attractions that are open this time of ...

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Build Your Relationship With Our Family Dentists (video)

Kristen has been coming to our practice for a long time, as you'll hear in the video below. When she moved away and returned back to Atlanta after college, she decided to return to our Stone Mountain, GA dentist office. Today, she brings her family to see us, too. "There's just a real ...

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A Better Smile Can Last A Long Time

It can be fun to dress up for Halloween. Many kids and adults look forward to putting on a costume. Even if it's fun to pretend to be something scary — like a ghost, a goblin, or a ghoul — you probably don't want to be afraid to share your own smile. If you are unhappy with your teeth for ...

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Create A Vibrant Smile With Dental Veneers (infographic)

You probably know people who have smiles that can "light up a room." Seeing one of those smiles can bring joy to others as well. You deserve to have that kind of smile, too. Unfortunately, you may not feel that confident if something bothers you about the appearance of your teeth. You could change ...

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Get Great Results With Your Oral Surgery (video)

You deserve the best dental care possible, whether you need a dental cleaning or oral surgery. While we can perform a number of oral surgeries at our office in Stone Mountain, GA. As Dr. Jeffrey Blankenship explains in the video below that the intent is always to get the best results for our ...

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Remove Your Pain With A Root Canal Treatment

You don't remember when the pain started, but you know that it's become unbearable. The toothache isn't something small. It never seems to go away, but it does get worse at some moments. And it seems to get a little worse every day. It sounds like you could have an infected tooth, and the fix ...

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Enjoy A Healthier Smile With Dental Implants

You are looking over the menu, wondering what you should eat. You have been looking forward to trying this new restaurant ever since it opened. Part of the reason for that is your new implant-supported dentures from Blankenship Family Dentistry. Your new “teeth” look and feel like having ...

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Keep Coming Back To Our Family Dentist Office (video)

Mary has been coming to Blankenship Family Dentistry for years. She’s brought her family here, too, and her children now bring their kids to our Stone Mountain, GA dentist office. She trusts our team to provide high-quality dental care in a comfortable setting, such as when we replaced her old ...

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