Call On Us During Your Dental Emergency

You want to keep your teeth for as long as you can. Preventing tooth infections and avoiding accidents can go a long way toward that goal. Taking precautions to deal with those potential problems is important as well. Yet, you can’t anticipate every possible dental emergency. That’s just ...

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Stop Grinding Your Teeth & Save Your Smile (video)

If you grind your teeth in your sleep, you could be causing long-term damage to your oral health. You also may be setting yourself up for TMJ problems down the road. Our team at Blankenship Family Dentistry wants to protect your teeth and prevent problems whenever we can. It’s why we make ...

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Create A Confident Smile This Summer

“Let’s take a selfie.” In the age of smartphones and social media, you’ve probably heard someone say this a few times. You may have even said it yourself a few times. At one time, you were fine grinning and posing to share your photo with the world online. But now … Well, your ...

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Reasons To Get Athletic Mouthguards This Season (infographic)

Your favorite athlete probably isn’t someone famous. It’s someone in your family. And it’s their winning smile that you want to protect regardless of the score of the game they are playing. That’s why you should visit Blankenship Family Dentistry soon. We are happy to help you and your ...

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Show Off Your Personality With A Smile Makeover (video)

If you are uncomfortable or self-conscious about your smile, you may be putting up walls between yourself and the people to meet each day. A smile makeover at Blankenship Family Dentistry can boost your confidence in your teeth, which could help you feel more at ease about being yourself, too. ...

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You Should Schedule An Oral Cancer Screening

You don't want oral cancer. You do want to be as healthy as possible for years and decades to come. These are good reasons to make regular visits to Blankenship Family Dentistry. At our practice in Stone Mountain, GA, we conduct oral cancer screenings as a routine part of our general dentistry. ...

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You Too Could Reconstruct Your Smile At Our Office (video)

According to Mike, he had “terrible teeth.” He’s also had trouble finding a dentist in the past. Then he came to Blankenship Family Dentistry. As you’ll hear in the video below, he’s undergone a variety of procedures at our Stone Mountain, GA dental practice. Full-mouth ...

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Is Your Smile Ready For Wedding Season? (quiz)

Have you “saved a date” or two already for this coming summer? Spring is just around the corner and wedding season won’t be far behind. Whether you are getting married, are in a wedding party, or are just looking forward to the receptions, make sure your smile is ready for the big day(s) ...

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A Root Canal Can Restore Your Smile & More

You have been looking forward to seeing this movie for a while. You’ve got your ticket and some snacks to munch on, too. When they preview start, you toss some popcorn in your mouth and take a bite. But something does feel right. You bit into an unpopped kernel. It’s not the first time ...

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Build Stronger Smiles With Dental Implants (infographic)

Tooth loss can be the start of more problems … or you can build something strong and secure with dental implants. We’ve seen what implants have done for our patients in and around Stone Moutain, GA. We want anyone who is missing teeth to enjoy teeth replacements that look and function ...

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