Get Great Results With Your Oral Surgery (video)

You deserve the best dental care possible, whether you need a dental cleaning or oral surgery. While we can perform a number of oral surgeries at our office in Stone Mountain, GA. As Dr. Jeffrey Blankenship explains in the video below that the intent is always to get the best results for our ...

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Remove Your Pain With A Root Canal Treatment

You don't remember when the pain started, but you know that it's become unbearable. The toothache isn't something small. It never seems to go away, but it does get worse at some moments. And it seems to get a little worse every day. It sounds like you could have an infected tooth, and the fix ...

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Enjoy A Healthier Smile With Dental Implants

You are looking over the menu, wondering what you should eat. You have been looking forward to trying this new restaurant ever since it opened. Part of the reason for that is your new implant-supported dentures from Blankenship Family Dentistry. Your new “teeth” look and feel like having ...

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Keep Coming Back To Our Family Dentist Office (video)

Mary has been coming to Blankenship Family Dentistry for years. She’s brought her family here, too, and her children now bring their kids to our Stone Mountain, GA dentist office. She trusts our team to provide high-quality dental care in a comfortable setting, such as when we replaced her old ...

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Don’t Forget Your Back-To-School Dental Checkup

With the new school years just days away, you’ve probably already been through your children’s school supply lists. You have bought pens and pencils. You got paper and notebooks. You have scissors, glue, and boxes of tissue. You may have even gotten some new outfits for your kids to start ...

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Repair Your Smile With A Dental Crown (infographic)

A healthy smile has a complete set of healthy teeth … but sometimes life happens. Teeth become chipped or broken. Teeth can crack. Teeth can even get knocked out of your mouth. In all of those situations — and some others — a dental crown from Blankenship Family Dentistry can restore your ...

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Enjoy Experienced, Modern Family Dentistry (video)

You can get the best of modern dentistry with experienced dental professionals when you visit Blankenship Family Dentistry. Our team shares a focus on patient-first dental care. Our own Dr. Jordan Blankenship-Sniker discusses this in the video below. Everyone at our Stone Mountain, GA office ...

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Do Something Big With A Smile Makeover

Are you interested in any of these things? Feeling confidence at social or professional events Looking younger Having a healthier smile Improving your overall health If you want to do more than one of those things, then you might want to ask about getting a smile makeover at our ...

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Don’t Live With A Painful Tooth Infection

You thought you could ignore it … but the pain only got worse. You hoped that dark spot was just a bit of food that you missed. You were wrong. Now, you are holding the side of your mouth, wincing in pain when you try to eat anything — and sometimes even when who aren’t biting or ...

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Smile Brighter With Our Teeth Whitening (video)

Teeth whitening is one of the most requested services in our cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Jeffrey Blankenhship has had decades of experience helping patients who want to bring back their bright smiles. He’s familiar with the various kinds of whitening products on the market, and that’s why we ...

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