Keep Your Gums Healthy With Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatment in Stone Mountain

At Blankenship Family Dentistry, we know that the healthier your mouth is, the healthier the rest of your body can be. At your regular checkups, we always pay special attention to your gums. If we see any signs of disease, Dr. Blankenship or Dr. Jordan can provide non-surgical gum disease treatment to restore your gums and help you enjoy better overall health. Treating your gums in our Stone Mountain dentist office will:

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  • Eliminate harmful bacteria at and below the gumline.
  • Help prevent serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.
  • Improve chronic bad breath.
  • Help your gums look and feel better.
  • Protect your teeth and keep them intact.

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Bring Health Back to Your Gums With Our Expert Treatment

Just as with any dental issue, our dentists and staff take a personal approach when treating gum disease. Since we take into account your overall health, children and adults both will benefit from our one-on-one, individualized treatment.

Normal brushing and flossing at home often miss bacteria right at the gumline. Left alone, this bacteria can multiply and cause pockets of infection between your teeth roots and gums, often with no noticeable symptoms in its early stages.

Non-surgical gum disease treatment usually involves a process known as scaling and root planing. With scaling, we will deep clean your teeth and gums by gently scraping away built-up plaque, tartar, and bacteria below your gumline.

Then we will plane, or smooth, your gums to help prevent bacteria from recollecting in this area. Scaling and root planing combined are effective at stopping gum disease in its early and middle stages. Your gums will be healthier, so your oral health will improve, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier body.

Call us today at 770-766-8995 to discuss non-surgical gum disease treatment. Take steps to prevent serious health consequences!

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