Complete a Beautiful Smile With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Stone Mountain

Dealing with damaged and missing teeth isn’t much fun. Biting and chewing can be chores, and other people may have a hard time understanding what you’re saying. Restorations with dental crowns and bridges at Blankenship Family Dentistry can change all that, however.

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Dr. Jeffrey Blankenship and Dr. Jordan Blankenship-Sniker, a father-daughter dental duo, can give you back your smile in our Stone Mountain dentist office. Benefits of getting new crowns or bridges include:

  • Filling in your teeth with metal-free 100 percent porcelain restorations.
  • Seeing a beautiful, balanced smile in the mirror.
  • Helping you enjoy eating a wider variety of foods.
  • Making talking easier so others can understand you – the first time.
  • Restoring functionality to broken or diseased teeth.
  • Helping you appear healthier and more robust.

Call us at 770-766-8995 today to learn more about these fantastic restorations. Enjoy having a set of fully functional teeth again!

Take Advantage of Several Options For Crowns or Bridges

At Blankenship Family Dentistry, you have choices when it comes to dental crowns and bridges – all of which are beautiful, state-of-the-art porcelain restorations containing no metal. Below are some of your options:

  • Single crown for tooth repair– You can get a natural-looking porcelain crown to cap a damaged or diseased tooth. It will blend in beautifully with your other teeth so that no one will even know the tooth has been repaired.
  • Single implant crown– If you have a missing tooth, we can secure a new crown to a dental implant that an oral surgeon has placed in your jaw. The finished product will look and function just like your natural tooth with about 90 percent of your original biting and chewing capacity.
  • Fixed bridge– A bridge contains natural-looking replacement teeth and spans the area left by one or more missing teeth. The appliance anchors on either end to your existing teeth.
  • Implant bridge– This kind of bridge is similar to a fixed bridge except that it anchors to two or more implants instead of your own teeth. Its advantage is that is doesn’t require any modification to your natural teeth to place it.

For a new smile with dental crowns and bridges, call us today at 770-766-8995.

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