Special Needs Patients in Stone Mountain Receive Gentle Care

If you have been searching for a dentist who provides treatment for special needs patients in Stone Mountain, then Blankenship Family Dentistry can help. Dr. Jordan Blankenship-Sniker is hospital certified and can provide care under general anesthesia in a hospital operating room if needed. Here is what she offers to our patients with special needs:

  • Complete dental care to keep teeth and gums clean and mouths healthy
  • A gentle touch when handling the unique challenges of patients with special needs
  • No-stress dentistry, performed while the patient is asleep if required
  • Peace of mind for patients’ loved ones that they’re receiving quality dental care

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Our Low-Stimulation Environment Relaxes Those With Special Needs

Just like the rest of our patient family, our dental patients with special needs require routine general dental care to achieve and maintain optimal health. At Blankenship Family Dentistry, we focus on total health dentistry because there is a strong connection between the health of the mouth and the health of the body as a whole. However, services like exams and cleanings can often be a challenge for patients who are sensitive to noise, texture, and a lot of activity.

Dr. Jordan has worked to create an environment that is comfortable for these patients. She and her dad:

  • Open the office on Saturdays to provide a quiet, low-stimulation experience
  • Book an OR and work with anesthesiologists to complete dental work while the patient is asleep, when needed
  • Work in a united effort with caregivers to ensure they are prepared and comfortable with the steps required after dental work is complete

Call us today at 770-766-8995 to schedule a dental consultation for special needs patients in Stone Mountain, GA. You can also request an appointment online. Dr. Jordan and the rest of our team are equipped to provide top-tier dental care for all.

Common Questions About Special Needs Patients

What is special needs dentistry?

All of us deserve to have happy, healthy smiles, especially those with special needs. We offer a low-stimulation environment that helps all our patients feel comfortable. In addition, Dr. Jordan is hospital-certified and can treat patients under general anesthesia in a hospital operating room, if necessary. No sights, sounds, or sensations will bother them. Our team works hard to ensure that everyone who needs smile care can get it.

Can special needs patients receive sedation?

Anyone can experience anxiety about their dental care, especially special needs patients. To help with this anxiety, we offer two types of sedation. Depending on the patient’s needs and the work being done, we can provide either oral conscious sedation in pill form or have general anesthesia administered in a hospital operating room.

How is your special needs dentistry different?

The team at Blankenship Family Dentistry is different because we truly care about every patient. Dr. Blankenship’s son and Dr. Jordan’s brother, Reece, has autism, so they understand the challenges that special needs patients have. In fact, if necessary, Dr. Jordan is certified to provide dental care under general anesthesia in a hospital operating room.