You Should Schedule An Oral Cancer Screening

You don't want oral cancer. You do want to be as healthy as possible for years and decades to come. These are good reasons to make regular visits to Blankenship Family Dentistry. At our practice in Stone Mountain, GA, we conduct oral cancer screenings as a routine part of our general dentistry. ...

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You Too Could Reconstruct Your Smile At Our Office (video)

According to Mike, he had “terrible teeth.” He’s also had trouble finding a dentist in the past. Then he came to Blankenship Family Dentistry. As you’ll hear in the video below, he’s undergone a variety of procedures at our Stone Mountain, GA dental practice. Full-mouth ...

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Is Your Smile Ready For Wedding Season? (quiz)

Have you “saved a date” or two already for this coming summer? Spring is just around the corner and wedding season won’t be far behind. Whether you are getting married, are in a wedding party, or are just looking forward to the receptions, make sure your smile is ready for the big day(s) ...

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A Root Canal Can Restore Your Smile & More

You have been looking forward to seeing this movie for a while. You’ve got your ticket and some snacks to munch on, too. When they preview start, you toss some popcorn in your mouth and take a bite. But something does feel right. You bit into an unpopped kernel. It’s not the first time ...

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Build Stronger Smiles With Dental Implants (infographic)

Tooth loss can be the start of more problems … or you can build something strong and secure with dental implants. We’ve seen what implants have done for our patients in and around Stone Moutain, GA. We want anyone who is missing teeth to enjoy teeth replacements that look and function ...

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Healthy Gums Are Important For You, Your Smile (video)

To follow up on our first Gum Disease Awareness Month post, we are sharing a video today featuring Dr. Jordan Blankenship-Sniker. She discusses how gum disease can affect your overall health. She also emphasizes the benefits of early treatment and preventive care for your oral health. To make ...

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Protect Your Teeth By Fighting Gum Disease

As long as your teeth matter to you, then you should care about keeping your gums healthy as well. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States, but it doesn’t need to cost you your smile. Preventive care at our Stone Mountain, GA dental practice can help you ...

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Give Yourself An Award-Worthy Smile (infographic)

You may not be up for an Academy Award, but you can give yourself an award-worthy smile! If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth, contact our team at Blankenship Family Dentistry. Our cosmetic services can give you a better smile — the kind of smile you’re used to seeing on ...

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Build a Confident Smile With Adult Orthodontics (video)

Adult orthodontics continue to become more popular in the United States. With new treatment options, adults have more options to create the straight smiles they want. Kristen wore braces as a teen, but her teeth moved back as she got older. With the help of our team at Blankenship Family ...

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Enjoy Smiles for Years with Dental Veneers

The saying “New Year, New You” is heard a lot whenever we change calendars. You’ll find people making all kinds of resolutions aimed at being a better version of themselves. It’s why gyms are more crowded in January. It’s when people make changes to their diets. It’s also why people ...

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