You don’t remember when the pain started, but you know that it’s become unbearable. The toothache isn’t something small. It never seems to go away, but it does get worse at some moments.

And it seems to get a little worse every day.

It sounds like you could have an infected tooth, and the fix for that is a root canal procedure. Before you get worried, you should know that root canals are not as bad as their reputation. In fact, you can be a practically pain-free procedure at Blankenship Family Dentistry.

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Restore Your Smile

Root canals have a bad reputation, in part, because of how they have been portrayed on television shows and movies. You wouldn’t be surprised to see a character go to the dentist complaining of a toothache. When that patient left the dentist, they might have an ice pack wrapped around their jaw.

While this can make for a funny scene, it doesn’t really reflect what happens with a tooth infection.

The truth is that root canal treatments are done to end the pain of an infected tooth. By getting this procedure, you can remove inflamed tissue. When the treatment is complete, you can go back to eating without pain and sharing a natural-looking smile.

Take Care Of The Problem

Teeth become infected when harmful bacteria are able to reach the soft tissue inside a tooth. This tissue is pulp. It can be found in the pulp chamber (at the center of a tooth) and the root canals (openings in the roots where nerves and blood vessels enter the tooth).

Bacteria can cause the pulp to become inflamed, which can cause pain by affecting the nerves inside the tooth. Removing the pulp, nerves, and blood vessels can stop the pain.

Our doctors want this procedure to be as painless as it can possibly be. When we use a local anesthetic, we allow time for it to take effect before we begin the process. For added assurance that you will remain pain-free, we also offer oral sedation at our practice. By taking a dose of medication, you can be relaxed and calm throughout your treatment.

After the infected tissue has been taken out, we fill your tooth with a rubbery material. This reduces your risk of additional problems and provides support for the part of your tooth that remains.

The final step is typically the addition of a dental crown to provide protection for the tooth and to restore its appearance and function.

Don’t Live In Pain

If any of your teeth are causing you pain, that is a problem. Don’t expect a toothache to go away on its own. Make plans to visit Blankenship Family Dentistry in Stone Mountain, GA as soon as you are able. We can diagnose the problem and help you find the right solution, whether it is a root canal or another restorative treatment.

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