With the new school years just days away, you’ve probably already been through your children’s school supply lists. You have bought pens and pencils. You got paper and notebooks. You have scissors, glue, and boxes of tissue.

You may have even gotten some new outfits for your kids to start the school year right.

Knowing that, we have a few more recommendations for your back-to-school preparations. If you haven’t already done so, schedule a dental checkup at our family dentistry in Stone Mountain, GA. While you are visiting us, you can take care of those things that are missing from the school supply list.

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Check Your List

You already encourage your kids to brush and floss their teeth. But, you probably realize that kids don’t always do things as well as you would like. This is part of the reason regular dental visits are so important.

You want your kids’ smiles to look great on picture day (and the rest of the year, too). Knowing this, you want them to remain free from tooth decay and other dental problems. The best approach to that is through preventive care.

With that in mind, here are our suggestions for you and yours:

During your family member’s checkup, a member of our team will remove plaque and tartar buildup. Then we’ll polish their teeth, so they can look nice, too. The exam includes a careful and thorough look at changes in their mouth. This could be looking for signs of cavities or other problems. If we notice anything we’ll recommend restorative services to get their smile back in shape.

  • Get fluoride treatments.

Fluoride is a mineral that can make teeth more resistant to decay. Decay is caused by the demineralization of enamel (the outer layer of teeth). Fluoride can replace that lost mineral, and it makes your teeth stronger.

  • Get dental sealants.

We don’t make armor for teeth, but sealants might be the next best thing. Sealants are a coating that covers teeth. This creates a physical barrier between your family’s smiles and cavity-causing bacteria.

  • Get athletic mouthguards.

If you have family members who play sports, then you need to get an athletic mouthguard. We can help you get custom-made mouthguards for your budding sports stars. These are smaller, more comfortable, and provide better protection than the boil-and-bite mouthguards you can find in stores.

Start School With Healthy Smiles

According to the American Dental Association, students across the United States miss 51 million hours of instruction each year as a result of oral health problems. Having a toothache could be a real distraction when your child is trying to listen to the day’s lessons or complete a task.

We want you and your family to enjoy healthy smiles and successful school year. Schedule a visit to Blankenship Family Dentistry soon. Call 770-766-8995 or fill out our online form today!