There’s No Need to Be Nervous About Wisdom Tooth Removal in Stone Mountain

For many people, wisdom teeth come through with no problems. But for our patients who need wisdom tooth removal in Stone Mountain, Blankenship Family Dentistry provides comfortable treatment. Dr. Blankenship and Dr. Jordan are skilled at using patient-friendly techniques to ensure your experience is as quick and convenient as possible. Advantages of scheduling your wisdom tooth procedure with us include:

  • Our Expertise – Dr. Blankenship has been in private practice for over 35 years. Both he and his daughter, Dr. Jordan Blankenship-Sniker, completed hospital residencies and are well equipped to handle your procedure.
  • Comfortable Amenities – Feel at home with cozy blankets, your own headphones to listen to your favorite music, and longer appointment times if needed.
  • Soothing Sedation – Relax with a small pill you’ll take before your appointment. You’ll be fully awake yet feel at ease. If you require heavier sedation, we can refer you to another trusted dental professional for your procedure.
  • A Compassionate Staff – Our trained team will walk you through your procedure and answer all your questions beforehand. We’ll make sure you’re completely relaxed and comfortable when your procedure starts.

Take advantage of our gentle, relaxing care! Call us at 770-766-8995 today to schedule your wisdom tooth extraction. Our office is on Lilburn-Stone Mountain Road, on the northwest side of Stone Mountain Park.

Prevent Problems by Removing Wisdom Teeth

Our wisdom teeth, or third molars, usually start to appear between the ages of 17 and 25. Unlike your other teeth, they are not necessary for efficient chewing or for aesthetic purposes. As they grow, they can cause several problems that require their removal. These include:

  • Impaction – Wisdom teeth coming in at the wrong location or at an odd angle can push against other teeth, potentially damaging them. They can even grow in under your other teeth and cause a significant amount of pain. Depending on your situation, we may refer you to another dental professional to have impacted wisdom teeth removed.
  • Crowding – Emerging wisdom teeth can cause your other teeth to shift out of place. This can lead to bite issues that require orthodontics to fix.
  • Partial Appearance – Sometimes wisdom teeth stop growing and never fully push through the gums. It can be difficult to keep these areas clean, allowing bacteria and decay to form.

Call us today if you think you need wisdom tooth removal in Stone Mountain: 770-766-8995. We’ll make sure you get the gentle, comfortable care you deserve.